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Ricoh Error Code 386, SC386 Fix - Printer, Copier, Fax Machine
« on: October 09, 2012, 07:49:12 pm »
The Ricoh error code 386 / SC386 is a black development unit error code K

After receiving this error first try to turn the main switch off/on. Then go to the process control self-check (SP3-975).

If the result is not “1”, fix the problem according to this:

SP3-975-001 (Process Control Self-check Result)

1. clean  ID sensor
2. Check the belt cleaning. Clean or replace the transfer belt.
3. Scratched or damaged transfer belt (replace the transfer belt)
4. ID sensor adj. problem.(replace the ID sensor)
Check: Transfer belt , Belt guide plate and ID sensor

1. ID sensor pattern density is too high or low.
2. Residual image on transfer belt
3. Toner dropped from development unit on transfer belt.
4. Scratched or bad transfer belt
5. Check the image development process and correct toner density .
6. Check the transfer belt-cleaning unit.
7. Clean the development unit and correct toner density.
8. Replace the transfer belt.
9. Development unit not correctly installed.

You can try this: Print a full color image by disabling
SC detection (SP5-809-001) and check if the image quality is OK.
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